Free Book! Wise Women Protect Their Assets:
An Essential Estate Planning Checklist for Smart Women
How Does This Book Help Women?
"Wise Women Protect Their Assets" is fast, fun read.

Written in plain english, avoiding confusing legal jargon, this book will inspire and help you get your estate planning affairs in order.

As a Florida estate planning attorney who has personally worked with hundreds of women and families for over two decades, I have seen firsthand the most common mistakes that women make in their estate planning (or lack thereof).

In this book, you will learn how to avoid the 10 most common planning mistakes that I see smart, caring women and moms make everyday that cause unnecessary government interference, time delays, and family hardship after the death of a loved one.

The Essential Estate Planning Checklist outlined in this book, if completed, is GUARANTEED to minimize, if not avoid, outrageously expensive legal fees, unnecessary time delays and government interference, and family fights.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"As a business owner and young adult, I am lucky to have mentors who taught me to plan ahead. Instead of just living in the moment (which so many of us do) it's critical that we think about protecting all that we have worked so hard for. This book, on a topic that most of us dread, is entertaining and captivating. This is a must read for every woman." 

Kristen Hadeed, CEO & Founder of Student Maid, Inc.
"This is a great book to both inspire and empower women of all ages to think about their future and the legacy they want to leave behind for their loved ones. This easy to read and informative book has personally inspired me to become a "wise woman" and plan for my family's future and stop procrastinating." 

Kate DeBlander, National Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"This book contains powerful, yet easy to understand, advice for women of all ages to take charge of their future. I recommend this book for any woman who does not yet have a written estate plan or who has not updated it in years. Read this book and share it with your girlfriends. They will thank you!" 

Alicia Chen, M.D., MD VIP, Internal Medicine Physician
Introducing Wise Women Protect Their Assets--the ultimate playbook for women in planning their estates to protect their loved ones
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Why having a Written Estate Plan is no longer enough to guarantee your assets and money pass to the people you want.
  • Why you are not guaranteed to inherit the family home if your husband dies.
  • Why having an Out of Date Plan is just as bad as having no plan at all!
  • An Easy to Understand way to know who will inherit which of your assets when you die. It's not always who you think!
  • How to Protect Your Hard Earned Retirement Assets from Uncle Sam and Your Children's Spendthrift Ways!
  • How to Organize and Document Your Financial and Legal Affairs so Your Assets Don't Magically Disappear when you're gone.
  • Why Doing It Yourself often creates worse problems than doing nothing at all!
  • How to avoid having a stranger decide who will raise your children and how to choose the best guardians to raise them.
  • The Myths and Truths of using Living Trusts v. Wills as part of your planning.
  • How to Protect Your Children's Inheritance From Greedy Family Members, Financial Predators, and Other Unscrupulous People Out to Bamboozle Them.
  • How to Leave an Inheritance to your Special Needs Loved Ones Without Jeopardizing their Public Assistance Benefits.
  • Preparing for Your Medical Care and End of Life Decisions to ensure that YOUR Wishes are carried out.
  • And MUCH MORE!
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